December 28, 2015: Lockes Hill

Lockes Hill has been one of my go-to hikes this year. It’s nearby, and it’s short, but it gives a good little workout to start off a Saturday or a day off.

It was pretty cold today – about 27 degrees when I left the house. There was only one other person (and his dog) out on the trail when I arrived, and I passed them coming from the opposite direction when I was near the top. After arriving back at the parking lot, I saw I still had the trail to myself so I went back around again from the opposite direction. Apparently some idiots decided to have a little party at The Glade and left three beer bottles behind, so I carried their garbage back down with me to throw away.

Left to right, top to bottom: Snow-capped Mt. Washington visible in the distance  |  Ossipee Mountains, view from The Glade  |  Hike data  |  Hike map & splits  |  There was some ice here and there on the trail – this is at The Glade  |  Gunstock was making snow today – view from the top of Lockes Hill.

Lockes Hill is part of the Kimball Wildlife Forest, located along Route 11 in Gilford, NH. Brochure with driving directions can be found here. There are two trails to the top. The Lakeview trail begins near the entrance to the parking lot, right by the Kimball Wildlife Forest sign. The Quarry trail begins at the far end of the parking lot. Both trails are marked with blue blazes. One loop is just a little under 2 miles, and usually takes me about an hour to hike on my own; for those hiking with children or taking a lot of breaks, it may take longer.

I usually take the Lakeview trail up and the Quarry trail down. The Lakeview trail is a shorter but steeper route to the top, and about two-thirds of the way up you’ll arrive at The Glade, a granite outcropping with an excellent view over Lake Winnipesaukee (including Welch Island and several other surrounding islands), the Sandwich range, Red Hill, the Ossipee Mountains, and on a clear enough day you can see Mt. Washington in the distance.

At the top, there are views in two directions – to the northeast over Lake Winnipesaukee, and southwest toward Gunstock (the local ski resort). Up here you will also see an airport beacon. The Quarry trail is just by this beacon. The Quarry trail is a bit longer of a route, but isn’t as steep as the Lakeview trail.

About two-thirds of the way back down via the Quarry trail, you’ll arrive at The Nursery, a small pond that is the last remnant of the old quarry here. The remainder of the trail partially follows a small stream down from this area.

This is an educational trail – all along the way there are various signs pointing out natural features, flora and fauna. It’s a great hike for families with children and pets. However, hunting is allowed here, so be sure to wear blaze orange during hunting seasons!


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