December 31, 2015: Year in Review

In 2016, I resolve to… go on more hikes! (That includes snowshoeing.)

In 2015, I went on a total of (at least) 27 hikes (4 of which were snowshoe hikes), for a total of 63 miles. Not included in that count is at least one snowshoe hike that I didn’t record. There may have been others.

Two things that helped increase my number of hikes in 2015 were:

  • Going on after-work hikes with coworkers (we went on five outings)
  • Starting nearly every Saturday in July and August with a hike (since my hubby works Saturdays in the summer)

Throughout September and October, I tried whenever possible to go hiking at least once during each weekend.

These are some of the places I hiked:
(Click on any photo to enter the gallery, scroll through the images and read the captions.)



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