February 27, 2016: Not a hike

It was cold today, but still a beautiful, sunny day. No hike for me today, but I managed to get outside for a walk around town.

As usual, click any photo to view the gallery and captions.

I’ve lived here for nearly seven years, and I’ve never been to Bond Beach Park (the public beach on Lake Opechee, for residents of Lakeport). So after checking out the ducks hanging out by the dam, I headed up Elm Street, down School Street, and up Franklin to Bell and moseyed on down the driveway into the park.

About halfway down the long-ish driveway, I realized I could see the elementary school through the trees. Then I noticed something that looked vaguely like a trail, and a wooden post with a green rectangular sign (with nothing on it) several yards into the woods. I noticed several more of these green signs throughout the woods on my way into the park.

After reaching the picnic area, I briefly watched the ice fishermen (this weekend is the Meredith Rotary Club’s Ice Fishing Derby), then headed out on one of the trails through the woods. I ended up back on the driveway for a bit, then back on a trail heading toward the back of the elementary school. Turns out, this part of the trail leads to an area with an old, painted tire serving as a sign for a ropes course (I didn’t really see any ropes, but I saw some tree stumps that looked like they may be part of the course). The trail continues right up to the back of the fence at the elementary school playground. I thought maybe I could walk around the perimeter of the fence to get back to Elm Street, but no such luck. So back into the woods I went to walk back out the driveway of the park.

After stopping at home for a quick bathroom break, I headed down to the edge of Paugus Bay. On the way back from grocery shopping this morning, I noticed what looked like a pressure ridge in the ice. When I walked down to the water, I saw that’s indeed what it was. I also noticed that I could hear the ice crackling and popping a bit as the sun warmed it up.

Nowhere near as exciting as hiking up a mountain, but any day with a little time spent outside is a good day!


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