June 4, 2016: Cannon Mountain (1 of 48)

Maybe I’ll hike all 48 of the NH 4,000-footers, I’m not sure yet. If I do, it will definitely not be in a single season but over multiple years. But I now have #1 finished!

Click on any photo to enter the gallery and read captions.

No solo hiking for me on this one! Hiked with my new hiking buddy, Lucy, and her hiking buddies Lisa and Stephanie. What a great bunch of ladies to hike with! We were laughing the whole way and it was a blast.

We parked at the Lafayette Place Campground and took the Lonesome Lake Trail. At .4 miles, we took a right on the Hi-Cannon trail, which was steep and had a little bit of rock scrambling here and there, but no climbing equipment needed. That was a strenuous 2 miles on Hi-Cannon (including a ladder) to get to the Kinsman Ridge trail. From there, it was a short .4 miles to the summit of Cannon Mountain, where there is an observation tower (great view, binocular stands, and a great place to stop and eat our lunches). We actually got a little chilly at the summit and had to put our long sleeves back on. There were also quite a few tourists up there who had taken the Aerial Tramway up.

We headed back down mostly the same way we had gone up, except 3/5 of the way back down Hi-Cannon, we took the Dodge Cutoff trail over to Lonesome Lake (about .3 miles). Didn’t stay too long at the lake because it was very buggy. From there, we took the Lonesome Lake trail back (1.2 miles). About 6 miles round trip for the hike, and including our lunch break at the summit, a little over 5.5 hours.

I’m glad we started as early as we did (shortly after 7:30 AM), because when I arrived there were very few cars in the parking lot, but when I left the parking lots were packed. Even people parking in the grass, and a ton of cars parked along I-93 (mostly on the southbound side, which is closer to the Lonesome Lake trailhead). The parking lot on the northbound side of I-93 is at the Mt. Lafayette/Falling Waters trailhead, but there is a hiker tunnel under I-93 to get to the other side.


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