September 12, 2016: Post-Labor-Day Paddling

After returning on Sunday from our weekend in Pennsylvania, I took Monday off from work to catch up on laundry and relaxing. That relaxing included a bit of paddling around Paugus Bay.


The water level is really low. I think this may be the lowest it’s been since we moved here over 7 years ago. My kayak actually fits on the “beach”. (It’s not really a beach.)


I love kayaking this time of year, and especially on a weekday. There’s much less boat traffic and the cormorants are all over the place. They love to perch on the mooring balls.


This one had been on a mooring ball, but it didn’t like how close I was and it flew off and swam around instead. Shortly after I took this picture, a bald eagle flew overhead. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that because it took to long to punch in my password to unlock my phone screen.


I also paddled into Pickerel Cove, going as close to the marsh as I dared. But because the water level is so low, it was a bit marshy further out into the cove – so I didn’t really get that much closer than I did the last time. There were tons of lily pads in the cove, mostly small ones, but this particular one had pretty good-sized leaves.


After emerging from the cove, I met up with a loon! I haven’t seen many of them this year, but then I haven’t been kayaking quite as much. I frequently hear them, though, as they’re flying overhead.


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