2016: My Year Outdoors

Even though there are lots of things about 2016 that sucked – like majorly sucked – my time outdoors certainly didn’t.

I hiked all year long, did a bunch of paddling around Paugus Bay in the summer, managed to get in a little snowshoeing, met some great new people, achieved some goals, and set my sights on some new ones. Here are some highlights from throughout the year:

After several months of solo hiking in the Belknap and Ossipee ranges, I helped out with trail maintenance at a BRATTS workday in early May, and met a great new friend and hiking buddy, Lucy. In June, I joined Lucy and two more new hiking buddies, Stephanie and Lisa, for my first 4,000-footer, Cannon Mountain. Later in the summer, I met another hiking buddy, Devon, and completed my most epic hike of the year (Jefferson) with her and Lucy in August. Continuing into fall, I met yet another new hiking companion, Cat, and also found yet another hiking buddy in my coworker, Kathie. I was also able to squeeze in a hike with two former coworkers, Jennifer and Shannon.

I also achieved two goals – and earned two patches. One for hiking the 12 major summits in the Belknap range, and another for redlining all of the official trails in the Belknaps.

Throughout the year, I managed to get in a total of 43 hikes. Not too shabby, that’s not too far away from one hike per week. I also got in a lot of walking – especially in the late spring and summer months – thanks to walking around town in the morning before work.


Here’s to even more hikes – and getting outdoors in general – in 2017!


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