January 16, 2017: Klem-Mack Loop

Since I had the day off work today, and it was a beautiful sunny day, I headed out for a hike with my friend, Cat. Since she has permission from the landowner, we used a closed (that is, private) trail out to Round Pond to hike the loop around Mt. Klem and Mt. Mack.

I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures, since I’ve done this loop before. It was a nice, quick 5+ miles in about three hours. Perfect way to start the day, and I was still home in time for lunch!

I’m surprised how much of the snow has already melted away in some parts of the Belknap Range. On the Mack side of the trail, and heading from Mack back to Round Pond, there was quite a lot of snow, but at Round Pond and up to Klem there wasn’t much at all. There were a lot of icy spots – and really thick, built up ice – all through the hike due to the melting and rain last week that refroze this past weekend.

A view from the private trail to Round Pond. You can see a sliver of Lake Winnipesaukee with the Ossipee Range on the other side, and behind that, Mt. Washington is peeking out.
Panorama from Mt. Klem (on the trail, not at the summit). Lake Winnipesaukee, Ossipee Range, and Mt. Washington in the distance.
Zoomed in view from the Mt. Klem trail. Mt. Washington in the rear just left of center, and the summit of Chocorua is visible just beyond the Ossipee Range.

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