January 21, 2017: Weeks Woods

Though Saturday was a beautiful day, it was unseasonably warm (at or near 50 degrees F), which meant the melting snow had turned wet, mushy and sticky. So I opted for a short little 5k hike at Weeks Woods in Gilford, NH.

This group of trails is somewhat similar to Waukewan Highlands. Waukewan Highlands has a bit more total distance for all the trails. It also has a pond, which Weeks Woods does not. Weeks Woods has less elevation gain – about half that of Waukewan Highlands. However, Weeks Woods gets two giant thumbs-up from me for its sheer lack of dog poop. I didn’t see one single pile of it on Saturday’s hike. In contrast, the rate of dog poop at Waukewan Highlands last Sunday was about one pile every ten feet or so (and often directly on the trail).


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