March 18, 2017: Snowshoeing

I haven’t posted for well over a month, but I’ve still been out and about. Mostly going for walks around town and starting up with running again (outdoors and indoors). I hiked Mt. Roberts in the Ossipee range with a couple of friends from work a few weeks ago, which I didn’t blog about since I didn’t take many pictures. I also went snowshoeing a few times, right here in town at Bond Beach park, which has trails through the woods.

We got a good 18.5″ of snow this past Tuesday, thanks to winter storm Stella. I figured this would be a good weekend for some snowshoeing. I headed out this morning, without my backpack, since this would just be a short, local snowshoe. Just layered up, stowed my keys, tissues, and phone in my jacket pockets, and walked over to the park entrance, snowshoes tucked under one arm.

It’s been cold since Tuesday’s storm, but it’s gotten warm enough each day to melt a little bit of snow on the surface, which refreezes at night and leaves a bit of a crust. Unfortunately, it’s not enough of a crust to prevent me from sinking into the snow a little. This makes it a little harder to snowshoe, since the toes of my snowshoes catch on the crust each time I lift my feet to take a step forward. Plus, the snow that’s flung off the back of the snowshoes with each step comes out in chunks instead of fluffy, painless flakes. It’s not too enjoyable when one of those chunks flies really high and whacks me in the back of the head!

There were quite a lot of tracks to be seen in the snow today. Lots and lots of turkey tracks! Also, as expected, there were squirrel tracks all over the place. I was surprised I didn’t see any deer tracks this time – I saw them here on most of my previous snowshoe outings in this park.

It was still worth getting out there, but I’m glad I kept it short. It was a bit tiring, even on mostly flat and slightly rolling terrain; I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be snowshoeing on a mountain trail in this stuff!


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