May 20, 2017: Bike Ride on the WOW and Winni trails

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I dug my bike out of the shed for an afternoon ride. Since last fall, I’ve been wanting to ride the full length of the WOW Trail, plus the northeastern end of the Winni Trail to Belmont.

I started from Lakeport and followed the WOW Trail to downtown Laconia, passing by Lake Opechee along the way. Once downtown, the trail continues across Main Street, past the train station that houses Burrito Me, Prescott’s Florist, and a couple other businesses. After crossing several more streets through town, the trail reaches Bartlett Beach on the eastern shore of Lake Winnisquam.

After Bartlett Beach, the trail winds gently over a couple of boardwalks and continues following the railroad tracks between Court Street/Laconia Road and Lake Winnisquam to the end of the trail at the entrance to Leslie Roberts Recreation Area. On the other side of the entrance, the Winni Trail begins. While the WOW Trail is mostly flat, the Winni Trail has some slight climbs in both directions. The Winni Trail winds through mostly wooded areas, then emerges to a great view of Lake Winnisquam just above the Mosquito Bridge. The trail then re-enters the woods, and shortly afterward ends by the Agway along Laconia Road in Belmont.

There were tons of people out enjoying the trail. Lots of cyclists, including some families. A few runners. Several people walking. And even one guy on a scooter (the non-motorized kind that you push along with one foot). As I finished my ride, I encountered a couple of people walking their dogs near the Lakeport end of the trail.


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