After living in the same county in southeastern Pennsylvania, within 30 minutes of the house I grew up in, for nearly the first 40 years of my life, my husband and I moved to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in 2009.

We love being so close to both the mountains and lakes, and are fortunate to have so many outdoor options so close by. In this blog, I hope to share our explorations in the natural environment of New Hampshire, as well as my treks outdoors solo and with friends and co-workers.

We have no kids, but do have one very spoiled black cat adopted from the NH Humane Society.

If you’re a knitter, spinner, weaver or fiber enthusiast in general, you may also enjoy my other blog, lynnioknits.

You can also find me on Instagram as lynnioknits (I post mostly outdoor photos, knitting projects, and too many pictures of my cat), and on Ravelry as lynnio (where you can get further details on my knitting projects – login may be required to see ones I haven’t set to public).


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